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18 mar 2022

Winter to Spring Shedding Tips!

At Groomi, we are dedicated to caring for animals in the way they deserve! Although Spring is very exciting after a l...

2 dic 2021

How to cat proof your tree

A Christmas tree is the perfect playground for curious cats, the flashing lights, tinsel wrapped around branches, dan...

27 oct 2021

Bonfire pup-dates

Although Fireworks and Bonfire night may be a fun time for us humans, it can be a little frightening for our four-leg...

15 oct 2021

A furry tail about a fluff-free home

Smelly sofas, hairy trousers and matted mutts…  sound familiar?Here’s my journey to a less hairy home with Groomi. 

1 oct 2021

Are you and your furry friends ready for Winter?

We get it, there’s way too much information out there about pet care! Here’s a few things we do to prepare our four-l...

16 oct 2020

Looking after your Horse this Winter

It’s starting to get a little chillier now we’re halfway through October. Read our easy tips to help keep you and you...

6 oct 2020

Top Tips for running with your Dog

Many owners agree that dogs are the perfect running partners, they always love to go out and can keep pace without c...

30 sept 2020

Tips for keeping your Dog happy during Rain and Thunderstorms

Tips for keeping your Dog happy during Rain and Thunderstorms Oh no, we’re set for thunderstorms… up to 30% of dogs ...
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