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How to cat proof your tree

A Christmas tree is the perfect playground for curious cats, the flashing lights, tinsel wrapped around branches, dangling decorations and well… the tree itself!


Here’s how to cat-proof your tree for felines in the curious Christmas spirit: 

  • Try to put the Christmas tree in a room your cat doesn’t usually spend a lot of time in
  • Avoid putting decorations on lower branches as this will invite them to play 
  • Cats love tinsel! Be selective where you hang it as they may pull down more than they bargained for! 
  • Cats tend to think decorations are fun toys! Try to keep delicate/special decorations well hidden from feisty felines 
  • Keep your Christmas tree away from shelves, ledges, chairs and tables as they can use them to climb onto higher branches to play 
  • Hoover any pine needles as they may hurt pets paws… meow! 
  • A heavy tree stand may protect the tree from toppling over if a feisty feline gets its paws on it    
  • You could decorate your tree with dried oranges & orange rinds as cats hate citrus smells! This tip also looks & smells super festive for us pet parents.  
Meowy Christmas!
Charlotte x
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