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Absolutely amazing product! So much better than the other products on the market! Not to mention the changeable blades!

Customer service leaves the others standing! Well done Groomi tool!

Wayne Mailer

Fab shedding tool with replaceable blades. Very durable and very effective xx

Tracy Louise

Absolutely brilliant, got out so much more hair than I expected on my lab 🐶

Vicky Myers

Brilliant for my dogs and horses

Lindsey Sanderson

Light weight, easy to hold with great results. also very good to use on my dog.

Tracey Farrow

WOW is what I say about this wonderful tool. I have to admit I was dubious about spending £24 on a dog brush but I’m so happy I did. I’ve used it twice now on my Labrador & my life is transformed 👏. I no longer come downstairs to a blanket of fur every morning. My lovely boy absolutely hates being groomed & I think it’s due to the brushes I’ve used in the past. With the Groomi Tool he sat beautifully & nearly fell asleep at one point. He also appears much happier as he isn’t itching as much, which I can only presume is due to all the ‘dead’ coat I’ve groomed out. I honestly didn’t anticipate it would be as fabulous as it is & I can’t sing its praises highly enough. Well done Groomi Tool, I’m a customer for life ♥️

Lisa Madison

Great for removing dead coat.

Suzanne Howard

Yes 100000 percent brilliant sorry I didn't get the kit badly need new blades now after a bad hair do season of 22 horses😂😁

Jocey Gerretson

Yep, results speak for themselves.

Clair Fowler

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