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Pony Jet

Here at Groomi Pet Care we stock not only our own products but innovative products designed by likeminded brands keeping our pets at the forefront of everything we do. We are so proud to have partnered with Pony Jet to bring you a solution to a very messy problem...

Why Pony Jet? If like us you find yourself constantly scrubbing, removing stains and spending so much time bathing your equine, you must agree that we all needed an easier way! We want to spend less time with a bucket and sponge and at the same time save money on using so much shampoo at once! 

After a lot of market research we learned most horsey lovers feel the same us! We set upon our quest to design and develop a animal friendly product and after a lot of work -  the Pony Jet was launched! 

Feel free to check out all the Pony Jet social Pages, Trust Pilot Reviews - plus 60 day money back guarantee! Its an absolute no brainer! 

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