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Groomi Gingerbread Shampoo | 500ml

Groomi Gingerbread Shampoo | 500ml

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The Groomi Pet Care Christmas Gingerbread Shampoo is a must-have for dog owners who want to keep their pets clean and fresh during the festive season. This shampoo has a wonderful aroma that will fill your senses with the scents of nutmeg, orange, ginger, and cedar-wood.

  • PH Balanced: The shampoo is pH balanced to suit your dog's skin and keeps it healthy.
  • Vegan: This shampoo is vegan-friendly for conscious pet owners who care about their pet's well-being.
  • Nourishing: The concentrated formula contains natural ingredients that nourish the skin and coat of your furry friend.

The Groomi Pet Care Christmas Gingerbread Shampoo comes in a big 500ml bottle which offers great value for money. It also has an induction seal that ensures there are no leaks during transport or storage.

  • Soothing: This gentle formula helps soothe sensitive skin while providing odour control, making it perfect for dogs with sensitive or irritable skin.
  • Shed Control: This shampoo also helps control shedding by nourishing the fur from root to tip leaving it softer after each use.

This product comes in single item packaging which makes it easy to use whenever you need it, without any wastage or extra fuss. It has a shelf life of 12 months from production making sure you can enjoy this product all year round without having any worries regarding its expiry date! Made in UK using only natural ingredients this gingerbread scent will leave your furry friend smelling festive!


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