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BinMi Poop Bags

BinMi Poop Bags

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Biodegradable Poop Bags are here!! 

4 x rolls of 15 earth friendly strong biodegradable poop bags.

For 1 dog that's 2 poops per day for a month! Have a look at our subscription service and save even more! 

60 per pack in a recyclable dispenser!

Why choose Biodegradable?

While traditional plastic releases four tons of emissions, biodegradable plastics emit only 0.8 tons of carbon – a 500% reduction! 

As biodegradable plastics break down over time, this means there is a large reduction in the volume of waste being created which means less waste ending up in landfill.

Biodegradable bags are made from natural materials which means that they are safer and non toxic for users. 

Using Biodegradable plastics also minimises the use of petroleum supplies.

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