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So, its that time of year again when we are all doing our best not to think about Christmas by thinking about it all the time! Its November far too early to think about it!

Well last year I thought the same and my relaxed attitude left me with a mad dash to Tesco's on Christmas eve to finish off those final presents! and not only was it stressful, it cost me twice as much!

This year I have started early, get it done, finished and ready so you can enjoy the holiday season! The difference this year is I have a 1 year old that seems to know a little more about it this year!

The Groomi is the perfect gift and stocking filler for any pet owner this Christmas. Its light and very easy to use with the added benefit of being able to purchase a spares kit also to enhance the gift!

It is designed to gently pull dead hair and dirt to the surface of the coat to be easily swept away. The results are amazing.

So if your looking for a unique gift this Christmas, look no further than the Groomi!

Delivery Update!!

August 25, 2017


We are very excited to announce that Groomi's will be with our customers by the end of next week!

Don't forget to get those videos into us to receive a refund on your Groomi (minus P&P)!!

Cant wait to see them in action!!

Delivery Update!

August 02, 2017


We are so, so excited to hear that our Groomi Tools are now less than 2 weeks away from delivery to our wonderful customers!

The packaging has been approved, the stainless steel components are on route and we have UK mail on standby ready to get them into grooming hands!

Remember, the first 20 customer videos we receive will have the purchase price REFUNDED!! That's right! Can't say better than that!

So looking forward to getting some feedback from you all! Please email your thoughts to