Welcome to Groomi, the ultimate grooming tool for Horses, Dogs and Cats

Groomi Brushes

Groomi is the ultimate grooming tool for Horse, Dog and Cat owners! With our innovative shallow wide toothed comb there is absolutely no cutting involved ensuring suitability for the majority of coats breeds! 

Designed by ourselves we wanted to eliminate the downfalls of other shedding tools that are currently on the market. Giving you peace of mind you are not damaging your pets coat and whilst ensuring there is no discomfort to your pet! 

  • Its made of durable Polypropylene material with a rubber grip for comfort - we even include recycled plastic! 
  • The combs are made of stainless steel so can be left outside without rusting
  • The combs are replaceable! No more blunt tools that need to be thrown away - our combs are made to last a minimum of 18 months!
  • Replacement combs available to buy as and when you need them!
  • Quick release screw undone with another comb so no tools needed!

Quickly and easily removing dead hair, dirt and dandruff!

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