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Bonfire pup-dates

Although Fireworks and Bonfire night may be a fun time for us humans, it can be a little frightening for our four-legged friends.  

Did you know that 46% of animals show signs of fear from fireworks around bonfire night?!


We really care about pets safety at Groomi, which is why we’re sharing a few tips we’ve learned along the way… 

  • It’s best to keep pets inside during these celebrations. It might be a good idea to walk your pup in the day to avoid the frightening fireworks.
  • As for cats, try to build them a safe little space in your home, so they can hide if need be. This can be achieved with some extra blankets on their bed or providing them with a box to shelter in.
  • Keep windows and doors shut and close curtains so that pets cannot get out or see the displays from inside.
  • For our outside pets like horses, you could check with your local council where and when firework events will be held, so you can prepare for peaceful ponies, keeping them inside stables where possible.
  • Try to distract your pets with some familiar sounds like some music or television.
  • Calm your pet down with a cuddle and some gentle grooming using our Groomi Tool.
  • You could also give them a massage whilst rubbing in some no-rinse shampoo into their coat.
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