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Tips for keeping your Dog happy during Rain and Thunderstorms

Tips for keeping your Dog happy during Rain and Thunderstorms

Oh no, we’re set for thunderstorms… up to 30% of dogs are frightened of storms so here are some ideas and ways to help manage your four-legged friend’s wellbeing during the upcoming weather.

  1. While walking your dog(s) in rain, keep your pet's safety and comfort in mind. For example, if the rain is particularly heavy, reduce the amount of time you walk for and increase indoor playtime.
  1. Lead by example. Most dogs learn some personality traits from their owners. If you demonstrate that you hate the rain, it’s likely that your dog will follow your lead.
  2. Shutting your dog outside until they go to the toilet is cruel and will reinforce their hatred of wet and cold weather - get an umbrella and a big coat and join your dog outside! You can also help to tempt your hesitant dog outside with a treat or a favourite toy.
  3. Your dog’s hearing is four times stronger than yours which means that thunder and rain are very loud to them. If your dog displays anxious behaviour they may be afraid and need your comfort. Take a soft and gentle approach with lots of reassurance and cuddles.
  1. If it’s really cold and raining you should make sure your dog is protected from the rain and able to keep warm - excessive exposure can lead to hypothermia. If you often walk your dog in the rain you may want to invest in a raincoat for your dog to help them stay dry.
  1. Make a fuss of your dog when they follow you out into the rain. Offer them treats and lots of positive attention and shower them with praise.
  1. Carefully and thoroughly dry your dog off as soon as you are inside from the rain, we all know how uncomfortable it is to sit down while soggy and wet.
  1. When the storms have passed help your dog get used to water in the long term. Most dogs hate getting wet but starting baths at a young age will help your dog become more comfortable with water. You can also introduce them to water during playtime or by wetting some grass with a hose and letting your dog stand on the area to eat and play. Sprinklers and paddling pools are both great for introducing your dog to water while having fun and keeping them cool during warmer weather.

You can always give your best friend a brush with Groomi once dry to remove any dead hair and dirt from their coat keeping their coat clean and healthy!

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