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A furry tail about a fluff-free home

Smelly sofas, hairy trousers and matted mutts…  sound familiar?

Here’s my journey to a less hairy home with Groomi. 

One Sunday morning, I took myself upon a quest, to stop fighting with the fluff!

I went online to place my order, I chose the bright pink tool and some extra combs to use later down the line. It even came with free U.K delivery! When my package arrived, I was surprised with the great quality and packaging. 

I first tried it on my cat, then dog and then my horse! They all loved it! I noticed how comfortable it was to hold and how sturdy it felt. It didn’t cut my pets precious locks and it felt gentle on their skin - so no wriggling about or grooming chaos! I even bonded with my feisty feline friend. 

Soon after purchasing the Groomi, I noticed my pets were shedding a LOT less! With fewer stray hairs around the home, I spent less time vacuuming and lint-rolling and I haven’t needed to get any other shedding tools since purchasing the Groomi. 

After using the tool for a while, I noticed how durable it was and that it hadn’t rusted at all. After many de-shedding sessions, I then replaced the comb easily with the quick release screw, and sent back the old comb to Groomi to recycle for me! 

Life at home has been a whole less hairy for a while now and I couldn’t be happier… I visited a friends place the other day, and there it was…  a fluff-covered couch, I hadn’t seen one of them in a while! She owns a few fluffy four-legged friends, so I thought I’d treat her to the paw-fect present, the Groomi. Her journey to a fluff-free home begins now!

Are you ready to em-bark on a fluff-free journey?

Click here to get started!

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