About Us

Groomi Limited  Est. 2017 
Family run business based in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom.

We design and manufacture the Groomi range of pet products. As pet owners we know the joy our animals bring to us and yet also understand the daily struggles that pet care entails.

Charlotte, our owner has had animals her whole life and now as a mum she understands the struggles of keeping the hair to a minimum and ensuring a clean environment not just for her family but for her pets too!

Groomi is designed to remove Dead hair, Dirt and Dandruff in an effective yet gentle manner. With our unique shallow, wide toothed comb the hair is removed without dragging, breaking or tugging at the coat ensuring the animal has a pleasant experience! 

From Design to Manufacture we know the whole process inside out and make sure Groomi is made with love! Keeping your pets Clean, Healthy and Happy!